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Our New prairie Team Members hard at work!

We are a employee-centric company with an emphasis on teamwork. We work hard and enjoy spending time relaxing too! 

Solar Pergola, Champaign

A 7.6 kW solar array graces this newly-built backyard pergola in Champaign. The homeowners are very committed to renewable energy and also have a geothermal system.


zero net-energy colonial solar panel installation 

The owners of this 1929 colonial-style home in Champaign have gradually made it zero net energy, which means it produces at least as much energy as it consumes. This was accomplished through air-sealing and insulating, efficient appliances and lighting, a geothermal system, solar panels, and an electric vehicle.


1800s barn, solar panel installation, east central illinois

A 19th-century barn meets 21st-century technology in this solar panel installation in East Central Illinois. Barn roofs are an ideal place for solar panels, as they are rarely shaded by trees or other buildings, and can get full value from the solar array. 


ballasted solar pv system, mahomet

New Prairie replaced the roof and did some air-sealing on this old commercial building in Mahomet before partnering with StraightUp Solar to install the 16.95 kW solar photovoltaic system on the roof.

Because you don’t want to poke holes in a flat rubber roof, this is a ballasted system — preformed recycled plastic pans with concrete blocks in them hold the racked panels down.


Dual-Axis Tracker Ground-Mounted Solar System

In 2018 we installed a 9.6kW dual-axis tracking ground mounted solar system for a small family farm near Onarga, IL. It uses Wattsun pole-mounted trackers, and bi-facial Sunpreme 4oo watt modules to increase production even more.